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The power of our modern promotion platform lies in the fact that we use the latest techniques,  and the social media with each other have connected. This ensures that we are quick and easy have a large reach, and our network is expanding every day.

Besides that we offer the Artists a place on our YouTube Channel, welcome to our Super Modern Community, post all their important news daily on social media and the website, personal contact is important to us, so that good cooperation is created and we can coordinate the promotion with the Artist.

Artists promoted by us automatically receive an Artists Page on our website in our archive of Artists, with the latest hits and links to their streaming service, available for viewing on Computer, Tablet and Phone.

Promotion on YouTube

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With your own Custom Profile, links to Fan site, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Post Likes, Reviews, Groups. In short an all-in-one package for Artists focused on Social Media.

We are very proud of our modern Community which is provided with all possible techniques that an Artist focused on Social Media can wish.

Our Community is open for all Artists, Producers and their Fans, making that  YT Pop Music Channel brings Fans, Artists, Music and News together.

Every Artist and Producer is welcome with us, for his or her music by letting us listen, however, our method is that we are in most cases self approach the Artists or Producers.