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Welcome by YT Pop Music Channel Community

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YT Pop Music Channel Brings Fans, Artists and Music Together.

Welcome to our Brand New and free Community for Artists and their Fans. We hereby offer the Artists a Platform to Share all their News and Music with their Fans, Friends and / or Followers, with the option to Share this on almost all Social Media with ‘One Mouse Click’. 

With your own Custom Profile, links to Fan site, iTunes, YouTube, Facebook, Google, Twitter, Instagram, Post Likes, Reviews, Groups. In short an all-in-one package for Artists focused on Social Media. 

Fans have never been able to Follow a Favorite Artist so close, with the latest News and Hits. 

We hereby say Welcome to all Artists and their Fans, and Wish them a lot of Fun with this Community and we Wish them All the Best.

Note: For the best results, we recommend that you use Google Chrome.

Please read before registering terms of use. 

Abuse is punished without mercy to block your account by our administrators based on Name, Email and IP Address !!!